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Classic Bike Sales are an official partner of eBay and we promote classic motorcycle auction listings from dealers and private sellers throughout the UK. We are the user friendly eBay classic motorbike online auction site with hundreds of auctions weekly. This is the place for great deals and discounted prices on all classic bikes and vintage motorcycles.
At Classic Bike Sales we connect online buyers who are looking for a classic British, Japanese, European or American bike with sellers on the auction site eBay. And because it's eBay you can always bid and buy with confidence with their famous feedback program where buyers rate and review sellers. Not many people are aware that eBay has hundreds of classic motorbikes and vintage motorcycles for sale every single day.
If you're passionate about motorbikes like we are, and you're looking for a classic bike from your past (we all remember the first bike we ever owned), take a look around the site. You may be reminded of oil leaks and rattling engines but you're guaranteed to find something that brings a smile to your face.
Every day we organise and add bikes to this site so if you can't find the classic motorbike or vintage motorcycle you want today, it may be here tomorrow so keep checking us.